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2005 BMW M5 – Automatic = Sin?

The Porsche Carrera GT, Lexus LFA, and the Dodge Viper all shares a critical ingredient that makes us lust after them. It is a mechanical masterpiece, and the explosive symphony echos through our chest. Perhaps I've been fantasizing a bit... Continue Reading →

2003 BMW M3-it’s always the pretty ones…

The Ultimate Driving Machine. This is the Mission statement of a company that’s been at the head of the charge towards driving nirvana. Over the past 100 years, BMW has produced some truly remarkable vehicles that have rubber-lined many race... Continue Reading →

2014 BMW i8 – Who Are You?

Over the past 20 years, the word “hybrid” has taken a journey from the from the first Toyota Prius to the McLaren P1. It used to be that if you mentioned the word hybrid, you’d get laughed out of the... Continue Reading →

2014 Volkswagen Beet… I mean, Porsche 911 Turbo S!

It all started with the glow of the keys. On a rare Sunny Seattle afternoon, the black beast revealed itself with a majestic roar. As I cautiously engrossed myself into the purpose-built mechanical scalpel of a car, the golden-bronze Porsche... Continue Reading →

2018 BMW 330i GT XDrive – Mouthful of a name, but does it hold up?

We live in a world in which people are demanding more from cars than ever. Due to the increasing standards of vehicle performance along with the ever-intensifying competition manufacturers have forced an unwelcome 'homologation' of the market. Luxury cars are... Continue Reading →

2012 Lotus Evora S-Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious…?

The mechanical shifting feel of the 6-speed gear box in a mid-engined British track car... That's the dream, am I right? Cars for most people is just a mode of transportation from point A to point B. As long as... Continue Reading →

I Drove the World’s (Official) First Ever Self-driving Toyota Highlander! (OpenPilot)

This is 2018. We are now amidst wearable technology, electric cars that seem to be breaking the laws of physics, and autonomous applications that are smart enough to drive just about any car. Now, I understand not everyone would have... Continue Reading →

2000 Honda S2000 Review!

The Honda S2000 is one of those cars that if you are not a gearhead, you don't really know much about. From a company that has been producing reliable family cars for decades, came this two door sports car-that was... Continue Reading →

It took me 9 hours to go 9 miles in the craziest Jeep I’ve ever been in!!!

Up to this past weekend, my concept of off-roading consisted of some gravel roads with painful crevices in the road and all of five semi-steep hills I encountered on the way up a side trail up Mt. Rainier. This was... Continue Reading →

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