Growing up, I was never really around too many pick up trucks. Course, I’ve seen plenty of them driving around and whatnot, but it wasn’t until recently when I got to drive them and experience what it was like to be in a pickup truck. The very first pickup I ever got to drive was a 2013 Dodge Ram. It was Indestructible, powerful, heavy-all the things you would expect an American pickup truck to be. However, this Ford Ranger was a whole different animal.

When I first stepped into the threshold of the cabin, it seemed rather simplistic. Considering that this is a ’01 model, I guess it wasn’t unexpected, but I still was a bit underwhelmed. But hey, this is a pickup, not a luxury sedan. Where this truck shines, is off road.

For an American pickup, the power figures are not too flattering. The Ranger has the horsepower that is just slightly over 200 and a bit more respectable max torque of around 240 ft/lbs @ 3000 rpm from a 4.0L SOHC V6. Given all this, for a truck that weighs over a ton, I was pleasantly surprised to see the launch and acceleration I experienced in the thing. Not only could it keep up with an ’06 Audi A6, it could even beat a relatively-old-Lexus Sport Coupe(Sorry I didn’t catch the exact model of the car-it was at night) off the line.

The Ranger’s offroading capabilities are surprisingly impressive as well. Course, it wasn’t some impossible rockclimbing that I took it on, but it easily conquered mud and rough terrain with no issues. The suspension travel was splendid, to say the least, and it was all-around a genuinely fun experience. img_0048

An American Pickup truck, at least in my opinion, is the pinnacle of practicality. It has plenty of luggage space, you can go fast on straight roads or throw tailgates in a parking lot. On top of all that, you can pretty much go wherever you wish to go. You will never have an issue getting to a campground, you could take it on trails and roads that are closed off to any vehicles that are not off-road-oriented. This Ford Ranger, regardless of the fact that it does not have the most advanced technology or top-of-the-line stylistic elements, is definitely one I could potentially even see myself purchasing. Is it the most exciting vehicle on the road? No. But is it a blast to drive? A hundred percent.